Yung Titan - Church Flow

Track: Church Flow
Album: Faith Season
Artist: Yung Titan

Yeah, Early morning church flow
Early morning church flow
What time it is?
What time it is?
I’ma tell God how good he been.

Early morning church flow
I’m with it team Jesus what you scared for?
Early, early morning praising
I’m just getting up
Never giving up
My life I’ve given up, huh
But after this earth, I apologize for all of the wickedness
Influence music my teammates is lions like we play in Michigan
Pardon the swagger I hopped in the booth and then put in the work
That was just Saturday night
My homies turned up for church
My homies married with children. My homies still doing ministry.
My homies in love with Jesus. My homies step on the enemy.
Satan got problems. You’re kidding me. No he aint messing with YT
I got angels beside me, riding, posting like IG



Died and he rose on the third day
All for my sins in the first place
Give up that flesh, don’t be thirsty
If not, then hell is the worst case
I’m living the standard, Living The Standard
Goes off every Thursday
Romans 10:9 on my jersey
All praise to Jesus! He’s worthy.
Church flow! Church flow!
People say its lame but it work though!
Nothing really pays like the church shows
Spirit on stage let it bang like Kirko….Bangz
The pain and the hurt go
Devil jumping hurtles
I am at the first go
Touch down! I’m like “What Now?”
This dog covered by the blood. I’m a blood hound.
I’m just a human and this flesh get at me naturally, actually
I know a man who took that stab in the back for me
This aint about the rapping but it’s the passion he had for me
My life aint about getting laid cause he laid on Calvary.